Gene Synthesis Service


Since 2006, Generay has proudly served more than 10,000 scientists.Generay is proud to provide high quality and fast gene synthesis services. With its professional primer synthesis technology, Generay p🔯rovides the best raw materials for the gene synthesis business and is able to control costs and provide the most reasonable price syste🌸m in the industry.For most genes less than 2 KB, synthesis can be accomplished in less than 2 -3weeks!

To date, Generay has delivered more than 100,000 custom products to customers worldwide.Generay's gene synthesis business has been certified annually by Sira Certification service since 2006 and complies with GB/ t19001-2016idt ISO9001:2015.


Deliverables, Turnaround Time and Pricing

  • insert.QC data includes: project QA report, complete construct map and sequence chromatogram. See .
Length Turnaround List Price Special Offer
up to 1.5 kb 2 weeks $0.30/bp enquiry Large amount 
1.5-3 kb 2-3 weeks $0.30/bp enquiry Large amount 
3-5 kb 3-5 weeks $0.35/bp enquiry Large amount 
5+ kb Please Inquire

- Discounts may vary depending on the gene length, complexity and the order volume. Minimum $150/gene. 
- Free subcloning into one of our 
. Free codon optimization upon request. 
- Turnaround time is an estimated time only; it does not reflect any production difficulties, if so encountered.
- Low price 🃏guar♈antee - we will match/beat a lower price from any reputable competitor.  

Gene Synthesis Service Highlights

  • Overꦡ 99% succes🔜s rate with "No Gene, No Charge" policy. 
  • Free codon optimization upon request.
  • Free of charge for subcloning in♒to one of our 100+ in-stock🐓 vectors.
  • Fast turnaround time with 100% sequence accuracy gu💯arantee.
  • Site directed mutagenesis service startin✅g from $149.
  • One stop for custom gene, peptide, protein an🔥d antibody services.

In-Stock Vectors

Generay provides 100+ in-stock vectors including standard cloning vectors and expression vectors. Pleas🥀e note that all of our vectors are supplied free of charge, for laboratory research use only, but not to be used for profit or any commercial purposes. 

Standard Cloning Vectors ():


pBluescript II SK(+) /pBluescripܫt II SK(-) /pBSK(+) Simple-Amp /pBSK(+) Simple-Kan /pUC57-amp /pUC57-Kan


Expression Vectors ():

pET3a /pET3b /pET3c /pET3d /pET9a /pET11a /pET11b /pET11c /pET11d /pET14b /pET15b /pET16b /pET17b /pET19b /pET20b(+) /🔥pET21a(+) /pET21b(+) /pET21d(+) /pET22b(+) /pET23a(+) /pET24a(+) /pET24b(+) /pET24c(+) /pET24d(+) /pET25b(+) /pET26b(+) /pET27b(+) /pET28a(+) /pET28b(+) /pET28c(+) /pET29a(+) /pET29b(+) /pET29c(+) /pET30a(+) /pET30b(+) /pET30c(+) /pET31b(+) /pET32a(+) /pET32b(+) /pET41a(+) /pET41b(+) /pET41c(+) /pET42a(+) /pET42b(+) /pET42c(+) /pET43.1a(+) /pET43.1b(+) /pET45b(+) /pET50b(+) /pET51b(+) /pET52b(+) /pETDuet-1 /pGEX-4T-1 /pGEX-4T-2 /pGEX-4T-3 /pGEX-5X-1 /pGEX-5X-2 /pGEX-5X-3 /pGEX-6P-1 /pGEX-6P-2 /pGEX-6P-3 /pGS-21a /pMAL-c4x /pMAL-c5E /pMAL-c5x /pMAL-p5E /pMAL-p5X /pQE-1 /pQE-30 /pQE-60 /pRSFDuet-1 /pCDFDuet-1 /pCOLADuet-1 /pBAC-1 /pFastBac-Dual /pFastBac1 /pFastBacHT-A /pFastBacHT-B /pcDNA3.1-hyg-vwf5 /pCDNA3.1-neo /pCDNA3.1-zeo(-) /pcDNA3.1-zeo(+) /pCDNA3.1(-) /pcDNA3.1(-) myc-His A /pcDNA3.1(-) myc-His B /pCDNA3.1(-) myc-His C /pCDNA3.1(+) /pcDNA3.1(+) myc-His A /pcDNA3.1(+) myc-His B /pCDNA3.1(+) myc-His C /pCDNA3.1/hygro(-) /pCDNA3.1/hygro(+) /pcDNA3.1/myc-His A(-) /pcDNA3.1/myc-His A(+) /pCDNA3.1/Zeo /pCDNA3.1/Zeo(-) /pcDNA3.1 /Zeo(+) /pEGFP-C1 /pEGFP-N1 /pCI-Neo /pGL3-basic /pGL3-promoter /pPIC 3.5k /pPIC9 /pPIC9K /pPICZA /pPICZalphaA /pPICZalphaB /pPICZalphaC /pPICZB /pPICZC


Contact Information   


Please obtain a quote befor🧜e ordering, and refer to the quote number when you place an order. Orders are typically confirmed within 24 hours. 


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